The price of politics

Oh, the following hounds
are reading the scent,
and so is the fringe fox,
it knows the game;
the complications
of jumping off the fence
instead of onto it.

Once, it wrote in a very careful
Disney hand,
of a change to their rules,
and dared to offer its views
on the hunt’s stance, of course,
its letter was torn to shreds,
stardust and all.

It left tv dinners for the pack
as an easily seen alternative,
and they lapped it up,
not knowing any appreciable

but when the fox was cornered,
when they thought it was next,
they could see as it turned,
it was an original thinker.


One thought on “The price of politics

  1. nectarfizz says:

    I am thinking I like this fox..and his original thinker.

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