Why walk the old ways?

A daisy along the path
says “Stop!”,
a genteel warning sign,
and it can’t be picked
as the present goes no further
in these shoes.

The track, overgrown,
brought seldom into focus
without some thorn or another
to brush past, comes to arrest.

“Why walk the old ways?”,
it asks authoritatively.

Why do you only see ruins,
I see daisies too.

Under the iron canal bridge
where time,
still a nineteenth century
circle upon the water,
the moss grows as green
as it once was,
its rusting shadow casts
a tint over the daises that were
white chains.

It’s the little broken rings that
don’t survive, it tells me.


3 thoughts on “Why walk the old ways?

  1. tomachfive says:

    Love the imagery, and the keen observation. Great!

  2. nectarfizz says:

    Matt OMG the imagery alone!!! I am loving this one..loving it completely..I know I love it, cause I am cursing fate that I did not write it..(a sure sign is my jealousy)

  3. Matt says:

    Thank you, this was written looking back at previous relationships, some things like the iron bridge will stand the test of time and are good to recall, others well, like the ‘broken daisy chains’ fade, they
    were never meant to last, often healthier to just let them go and heed the warning signs and thoughts they stir up. That was the idea behind the poem, done hopefully in a subtle way.

    The poem is a series of rings, specifically daisy rings are hinted at for rose tinted ways, then the circular form the bridge makes upon the water for lasting impressions, and finally, the rings of pledges that didn’t survive which perhaps (if taken further) could be seen as rippled circles upon the canal’s surface.

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