Only needs a stamp

Mr Chas Jones of Comfort,
I write to you sir, regarding
your recently received letter.

The content of which was alarming.
Of the many snakes that squirmed
from its verbiage, know that they
were promptly set ablaze on my fire,
where they wriggled
like serpentine exclamation marks!

I also dealt more than adequately
with the odious gases, having read
such a spillage before on numerous
occasions for your evil tongue.

I can only add that the sixteen shillings
that you seen to think I owe you,
are merely a figment of your fever,
perhaps you’ve been overdoing things
on the fiction front?

Curse all you will sir, but I’m going
to withdraw my subscription to
Reader’s Digest forthwith.

Damn you to hell sir!

Ps. I did enjoy the story about the
“Tortoise who saved the world”, but felt
the pace a little laboured.

Yours, Ms E Pilkington (retired librarian)


Nb – Written as a picture challenge for the envelope above.
Afterwards, the phrase “The tortoise who saved the world”,
stuck in my mind as being too good to pass up material wise,
so I ended up writing a comic piece for that too.


3 thoughts on “Only needs a stamp

  1. nectarfizz says:

    hahahahahahahaha I am delighted.

  2. Vic says:

    best thing i’ve read all day. Thanks for sharing that. clever imagery.

  3. Matt says:

    Thanks, Vic.

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