The tortoise who saved the world

The tortoise who saved the world
is a laid back kind of dude,
hurry to do anything, no,
but if a plan is required he’ll oblige
with thoughtful countenance;
quite the articulate hand, and prefers
to be addressed as “Shelley”.

You want to know who
really cracked
WWII’s Enigma code,
and who first accurately predicted
global shell warming
on worldwide scales, hush,
I’ve said much too much.

Who do world leaders turn to
in times of undeniable crisis
when things get slowly out of hand,
well, he doesn’t have a little
green phone
on a porpoisely made desk
for nothing.

When it flashes,
he’ll always pick up (eventually)
even while in the middle of eating
evening salad at the Savoy,
he has discerning tastes, “A leaf
a day keeps the blushes away”
as is known to say over a carrot juice
or two.

The leaders have come to expect it
to ring a few times, but is the wait
worth it?

Pick up, goddamnit!

I wrote this down while waiting,
G W refuses to greet that ‘Damn
turtle wannabee’
as Shelley.

“You must, sir, he likes it.”

– Assistant to G. W. Bush.


3 thoughts on “The tortoise who saved the world

  1. 😀 Very cool. Especially the last line: “You must, sir, he likes it.” Priceless.

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks, just a silly piece really, it goes with another poem of mine, “Only needs a stamp.” which was based upon an old envelope I saw.

  3. nectarfizz says:

    I clearly adore you more so each time I read something new that makes me smile…really big!

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