Fire-Guilded light

Standing on the corner,
idling beside today’s traffic
flowing like the passing of time,
exhaust fumes become
the heady taste of isolation
swimming round his head.

The man with unusually bright eyes,
looks for the people,
to see through their lives.
He crosses his eyes,
and every one masses together
like a restless sea.

As they move, as they swim
passing by, it’s a pattern;
always new, ever changing.

Looking at his watch he sighs,
‘Time to go into the chaos.’

With a blink of fire-guilded light,
he blends, and vanishes.


3 thoughts on “Fire-Guilded light

  1. Swim says:

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  2. Wow. O.O Very cool poem.

    Oh and
    PS. I like your new heading pic. There’s just something about it, conveys so much. It fits.

  3. Matt says:

    This is a very old poem that I thought I’d lost on the net years and years ago, until last night I Googled around and found an old site of mine. I’d forgotten the poem ever existed to be honest, and I’ve revised it slightly from what it was, glad you enjoyed it (it was really poor, but I liked the fire-guilded-title)

    The heading picture I was pretty much forced to change as I messed around with the blog design (never a clever idea on my part), plus I thought there was food for thought for a poem there; the bird perched on the tracks. Is it a blackbird? I’m not entirely sure. It could probably be a crow for a darker write, a blackbird for a lighter more hopeful one.

    I guess the feel of the picture changes depending on your mood at the time. I like the bit of duality that it throws up, if only noticed subconciously.

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