It’s what you pick up

Sea, you calmed the day, that day,
it’s not always your forte, but it was then,
waves took away more than footprints,
each one a sand pool swallowed,
untraceable the way we like it.

Clouds moved off to the north,
took away the debris we carried,
to leave behind, drfit woulds or would not,
it’s only what’s in the grain that shows
in this time, place.

A bleached stick to point to escape
we cast far into the ocean,
it returned with the tide’s breeze
a new found colour.
Ever a fresh wake up call,
blew hair memories across our faces,
and the mind into other countries;
would that it’d island drift and be reborn
a full sail to swim over to.

Mirrored against each breaking wave
was a walk onto a sand backdrop
of conversation told as shells, some bright
some fresh, old favourites, others well,
where you could almost hear the sound
of the city if you listened hard enough.

We discarded those latter shells,
they haven’t enough voice along this shore.


One thought on “It’s what you pick up

  1. nectarfizz says:

    What can I say..this is not good enough to describe this..serenity comes closest.

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