Just about adds up

They held a seance after I was
suddenly run over.

I couldn’t speak at the time
as I’d lost all my teeth
in the accident, some shit
just follows you even into
the afterlife ironically.

I could sense a great deal of coins
on a table, individual change
was the thought.

“Is there anything you wish to tell

Mmm..mhh..hrrrr m

“I don’t think the spirit is with us”,
said the psychic.

Deciding to send a message through
the coins, on each one
the embossed writing altered
to say something dearly personal,
even made them glow spookily.

The psychic gathered up the coins,
tutted quietly at the amount,
then put the whole lot all in her purse,
not noticing a freaking thing!

Later she bought a lottery ticket,
paid cash, which really pissed me off.


5 thoughts on “Just about adds up

  1. tamiam says:

    Ha ha! Very good, yes I like that and particularly the second verse about some things following you into the afterlife. I’ve often wondered whether at the Pearly Gates, there wouldn’t be one hell of a queue with some people trying to push in and another bright spark walking up and down the line saying, “peanuts, peanuts, get ’em while they’re hot!” – or whatever it is they sell in heaven.

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks, I just wrote this one off the cuff, which I think always makes humorous poems seem more immediate in feel. Glad it raised a smile.

  3. Nice. And the worst part about this universe, is that more than likely it has already happened before (or will, someday). Just the luck. 😀

  4. Matt says:

    Most likely, yes, isn’t that called Murphy’s law?

  5. nectarfizz says:

    OMG how I freaking love this!!!!!!!

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