Monkey business

When the tiny monkey
walked up your arm,
you smiled, wondering
what it was intently after,
the foreign sun setting high
curiosity behind its eyes.

Engraved rings,
elegant gold watches
are but of little use to it,
I thought.
Pearled bracelets really
only worth tapping on,
then discarding; quite quite
unshellable white peanuts.

Our Timex time is not theirs,
theirs is looseband, ours is tight;
hands clutched at holdalls
of late tourist reservations.

Containing currency,
non of which be useful
to a monkey-minded-notion
of climbing upon one head,
to spring onto another.

Hopefully, one that gifted
the curved fruit of a smile.


2 thoughts on “Monkey business

  1. nectarfizz says:

    sweet…I felt like I was watching it happen

  2. tamiam says:

    Nice poem Matt and thanks for commenting on mine.

    Very brave of the lady to let the monkey on her arm; rather her than me.

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