Poems written in 2008


1  Under the table.
2  An intake of hot air.

3  The heavens return one day.

4  It was this big, honest.
5  Shorter days.
6  I’ll wear it once in the dark, if it snows.
7  On a limb.
8  Jiggerty jog.
9  The quirk at work.
10  Bekki.
11  Say it how it is.
12  A typewriter full of fishes.
13  Dark horse comic.
14 The Gods are too distant.
15  Leaf on the windshield.
16  You said you were a painter.
17  Why walk the old ways?
18  Tribute to a song.
19 -.-
20  Death can be Ruff.

21  The tortoise who saved the world.
22  Monkey business.
23  A hard day’s night.
24  Walking on ice.
25  Only needs a stamp.
26  Tutankhamen’s remains.
27  The postman only knocks twice.
28  The price of politics.
29  Origins of a song.
30  Obsession over a model.
31  Talking coffee machine nearing retirement.
32  T-birds.
33  Some days leave spring reminders.
34  Poetree.
35  Poetic microwave.
36  Murder in the night.
37  Never seen, but in retropect.
38  It’s what you pick up.
39  In spite of the tracks.
40  Under three boughs.
41  Black railings.
42  Doing the rounds.
43  Best fin forward.
44  Sketching from memory.
45  A speck under the night.
46  Dawn is in denial.
47  Bird brain.
48  It’s an apparition, my dear Watson.
49  At the court hearing of the Old Bailey.
50  Fox fluff.
51  Changes.
52  Coloured thoughts.
53  As beautiful as ever.
54  A road is a path you remember.
55  Cod thoughts.
56  Just add water, friend.
57  By torchlight.
58  Just about adds up.
59  Candice cat.
60  Drops.
61  Of lost Celtic tunes.
62  This painting.
63  The first gig is never easy.

64  The worst collab.
65  32nd caller.
66  Transitory.
67  Some Beeches.
68  Submerging truths.
69  I shouldn’t let it throw me.
70  Some lanterns.

Nb. – Just wondering where the year’s gone.


5 thoughts on “Poems written in 2008

  1. nectarfizz says:

    Obviously, all good places with the telling of a poem. Life passes fast doesn’t it?

  2. nectarfizz says:

    Ps. header is neato.

  3. Matt says:

    It seems to have gone fast when I look at the list of my crumby scribblings. Yes, it’s a strange feeling to look back sometimes.

  4. poeticgrin says:

    Wow – I’m impressed. I dig the list. I think I want to do something simliar. I can’t wait to point and click!

  5. Matt says:

    Thank you, Poeticgrin, that was so nice of you to say 🙂 It’s appreciated.

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