Shorter days

Eltje_Degenhart_Shorter_Days STÖRRE

Painting by Eltje Degenhart

Shorter days, and where the meaning goes

It’s there in a piles of leaves
to plough through once more,
and then you’re aged six
going on ten
minutes to walk home.

It’s in the field stems
that are almost full grown,
and then you’re sixteen
going on twenty,
and adolescent crows
promote many wintry responses.

It’s in the turn of a diary leaf,
the structure of what it is,
not even science can give
adequate meaning to,
and the only code is your own.

It’s in the days to come,
ones that make up for
those that have gone onto winter,
whilst it was but autumn.

The lessons of which,
not even a new season can dismiss,
although somehow a fall colouring
can persuade in life again
after death,  always.


3 thoughts on “Shorter days

  1. Peaceful.
    This fits the painting really well.
    Good post.

  2. Matt says:

    Thank you, Anna.

  3. nectarfizz says:

    This feels Shakespearian in sentiment. I remember your showing me this before..did not realize I never commented on it.

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