Dark horse comic

Markings of a year can be subtle,
so can the walk home possess
many familiarities, avoided turnings
into alleys where the blackest of eyes
stares back obliquely, swishing
its critical tail;
it knows what you should have done
as keen as torch spotlight
emphasising a surrounding dark.

Its glance isn’t easy to avoid,
or its call which hits a note
of ‘what if’ fears, if let to freely outcry;
Don’t let it open its smudged mouth.

To close off that one-way street,
stepping into ones that give
lamplights a choice to be again stars
along pavements, that actually might
lead to sidewalk somewhere,
it could be the turning decision
that saves Gotham from a misguided joker.

Laugh at that diminishing, buddy.


3 thoughts on “Dark horse comic

  1. nectarfizz says:

    Someone’s been watching movies..:)

  2. S.L. Corsua says:

    The scene in the dark alley is a classic for the beginnings of comic icons like the Dark Knight himself. “swishing its critical tail” — this line appeals so much to me (there’s a hiss to it that rolls off well when the line is read aloud).

    Been reading other poems on this page. I’ve certainly enjoyed my stay. “Just About Adds Up” and “Candice Cat” are top favorites. Well, especially the latter, which I can’t get enough of (the narrative, characterization, imagery, word choice, and ending — all impressive). Cheers.

  3. Matt says:

    S.L. Corsa, thank you for the great reply. I wanted to write something with a Batman theme, but that could lead to as it were, other sideline thoughts. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my poems, it makes it seem all the more worthwhile to get such feedback.

    “Candice Cat” I do like myself, and “Just about adds up” just seemed a good idea at the time, so it was quickly penned (I liked the premise).


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