Jiggerty jog

I wake up in the morning,
jiggerty jog, jig jiggerty jog,
to my breakfast, again.

I don’t wish to jiggerty jog,
but my feet do the talking,
pirouette as toast pops up,
as for a coffee, well,
they have to side-leap;
I can’t quite get used to that
fluidity of movement.

God damn it! Here comes a –
flouncy twirl and a curtsy!

Thank you.

I would take off these pumps,
yet they’re on pretty firm,
you really don’t know
how they stubbornly pinch
to stay on tight.

My advice; never, ever
try ballet shoes on for a bet,
it takes things much too far
for personal comfort,
especially the unexpected,
very involuntary splits.


7 thoughts on “Jiggerty jog

  1. nectarfizz says:

    I know where this poem came from..I am so glad you posted it!

  2. Matt says:

    I’m not so sure! It is here though, remind me never to jiggerty jog again. Heh.

  3. […] Actually wrote a poem about himself wearing a tu-tu while making toast. […]

  4. Matt says:

    Actually, there is no tu-tu in the poem, just the pumps!

  5. Bekki says:

    Yes..but in my minds imagery there are hairy legs, ballet slippers, and lively tu-tu placement. I have a love of this image..and refuse to give it up. :)I call creative license..heh

  6. Matt says:

    I understand, I do.

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