A Red Amirable escaped

I don’t read poetry
if it adds little
but pretentious thoughts.
A swallow’s winter migration
is lessened described in words
if the direction can be seen;
instinct recognised
by a nod.

The bloom of an orchid
is better in the touch,
hand coaxing the scent,
than in an attempt to rewrite.
It’s a raw experience
in the “now” to live it;
there’s no reason
to reshape this as an art-
form flower.

Our conversations remain
more memorable
than dictionary stanzas,
they’re always a few pages
phrases that won’t
be pinned down
as a collector’s prize butterflies.


4 thoughts on “A Red Amirable escaped

  1. Paul Squires says:

    That is a gorgeous non-poem, Matt. “Everything describes itself perfectly”.

  2. Matt says:

    Oh, thank you Paul, I keep meaning to visit your blog and reply to your writings (which I like very much) Tonight I definitely will 🙂

  3. wripainter says:

    For sure, the idea of art (and poetry) trying to copy or express or reveal the life is something unuseful – art is another dimension or it’s not.
    in any case your non poem is a good work to my ears

  4. nectarfizz says:

    There is so much of you in this piece. The last stanza packs a wallop!

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