Some Beeches

A Beech – a form of poetry created by poet Beecher Smith.

It is a 5 line poem with the syllables of each line corresponding to the number of the
letter of the alphabet.

B= 2 so your first line must have 2 syllables
E= 5 therefore the next two lines have 5 syllables
E= (5 again)
C= 3 so three syllables
H= 8th letter, so the last line has 8 syllables.

The first and fifth lines must rhyme. The middle three lines must also rhyme.
The title of the poem can convey further meaning.

These are my attempts at this form –

In the hands of friendship

I saw
through sails of your boat
you kept us afloat,
and I note
how once more we stepped safe ashore.



where credit is due.
I now honour you,
Kung Fu.
I ‘Glasshopper’, as you said it.



Our love,
soars a wild hawk,
a smiley in chalk,
kindred talk,
becomes a pair, the other glove.



A Beech,
not easy I know
to get the word flow,
goes to show
syllables are son of a beeitch.




a hand shaken treat,
waves across a street,
feel complete
in those chance encounters, meetings.


it has a twin pen
and knows it not when
writes open,
and peer behind paper to see.


4 thoughts on “Some Beeches

  1. nectarfizz says:

    Several of them were veery you, and some where veery veery you!

  2. nectarfizz says:

    spelling errors? what spelling errors?….lol

  3. Paul Squires says:

    Brilliant! Laughing smiling little jewels are your beeches.

  4. Matt says:

    Thanks, Bekki and Paul 🙂

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