Sunday Adventure Club


There’s a hole in the fence
where we sometimes meet,
at 4pm, on Sundays.

It might look ordinary,
a unkempt field beyond
an even more ragged-cut hole,
and the landscape may be
an industrial, unsightly blot
that years ago should have been
mopped, and bucketed off;
yet it doesn’t matter.

You could say the sports field,
has aged with us, but who cares,
we’re not caretakers.

In one muddied corner,
a group of boys are shouting,
playing soccer, turned coats
for improvised goal posts,
passing to each other without notice
of anyone or anything else.

Then you remember
The Sunday Adventure Club“,
was a hole in the fence,
where we met
at 4pm, every freetime Sunday,
and it was always unaffected
by grown up sentimentality.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Adventure Club

  1. hoo. i really like it. from the great title to the wonderful photo, they go so well together. and the all thing.. i think we all have a sunday adventure club, i hope it dosen’t get forgottenwith by growing up. i don’t believe so. don’t feel so.

  2. Matt says:

    I don’t think you ever forget. You may not be a part of it in a way you once were, but you never forget.

  3. poeticgrin says:

    Love the photo, the images, and the spirit you invoke here.

  4. poeticgrin says:

    It makes me want to go out and play…

  5. Matt says:

    Thanks Bryan, I wasn’t sure where this one was going when I wrote it, but it seems to have turned out okay. I wanted to give the sense that the field was more than it appeared, a ragged, timeless kingdom, one where at the time, in the moment, adults and their world meant absolutely nothing.

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