Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton with muppets!

One of Andy Kaufman’s creations, “Tony Clifton”, this man IS music, and
with The Muppets what more could you ask for? Okay, you could ask for
a lot more, but let’s not get piggy, erm or too Miss picky.

Kaufman had his own style of comedy, perhaps ahead of its time, and
along with his writing partner Bob Zmuda, his pranks were devised to
cause an audience reaction, good or bad, it didn’t quite matter. The main
thing was to provoke some reaction out of the norm, and stir things up.

His loud mouthed, bad cabaret act “Tony” is an example of this. I still find
this alter ego of his quite funny in the vein of it’s so bad, it’s good, particularly
the fill-in dance steps in between the tribute song, which I can’t help but
laugh at.

He certainly didn’t comprise for the ABC network. Often misunderstood,
but he was undoubtably unique at the time, and best known for his character
Latka Gravas in the sitcom “Taxi”. Incidently, part of Kaufman’s own conditions
of contract before agreeing to appear in Taxi was to have Mr Clifton in some
of the shows (nobody knew who Clifton really was at that early stage)

The band R.E.M. refers to Andy Kaufman, his Elvis impersonation and other
facets of his life in their song “Man on the Moon” from the 1992 CD Automatic
for the People.  Man on the Moon is also the title of the movie about Andy
Kaufman (played by Jim Carrey), directed by Miloš Forman in 1999.


3 thoughts on “Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton with muppets!

  1. nectarfizz says:

    Ohhhhhkay..Matt has a vein of quirky even I cannot measure…(smile)

  2. Matt says:

    You have to love Tony, that man can really dance!

  3. Bekki says:


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