A simple note


I saw this and thought it was quite cute, and a bit of a truism.


8 thoughts on “A simple note

  1. nectarfizz says:

    I think I am thinking of you now..(smile)

    ps… Kermit says pistols at dawn..wonder what he means….(hmmm)

  2. Matt says:

    “I think he means gunpowder revolvers at the ungodly hour of around five in the morning, perhaps pertaining to some sort of swamp duel, or to taken more literary, to proclure aim with pistols at some unfortunate personage called “Dawn.” The answer might be in the interpretation, eh, Holmes?”

    “You great baffoon, Watson!”

  3. megan says:

    I love it. It describes me and my fiance perfectly. I can’t imagine being so passionately silly with anyone else.

  4. nectarfizz says:

    Swamp duel eh? Better bring your waders…

  5. Matt says:

    Well, Kermit being a frog n’ all, a swamp might give him the edge. Maybe you don’t need guns at all in such a location, just waders. There’s two large boxes, which open up to reveal inside a selection of Victorian waders (set against a dark velvet backing of course), you choose your waders, stand back to back, take twenty paces, whomever sinks first in the swampy waters loses the duel. ::Glug Glug::

  6. nectarfizz says:

    hahahaha And you wonder why I love you.

  7. Bryan says:

    Truer words have never been spoken. I am so lucky to have someone that can accept (or maybe tolerate) my silliness on a daily basis.

  8. nectarfizz says:

    Lori is a very very good woman, you better buy her two dozen roses for Valentines day…maybe 3..just to be on the safe side.

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