Old wrappers

A wary morning,
the street yawned
and belched wind,
it wasn’t using mouthwash,
more concerned with picking paint
off redundant park benches,
couldn’t resist lifting a scab.

One of those routine walks
past cheery Muck Donald’s;
half disfigured burgers
weren’t feeling so special,
one pleaded pitifully
call emergency,
we have a road accident!

Bubblegum pads
touched every lead footstep;
an uncivil war no doubt
had blown up last night.

A wrinkled Snickers bar jogged past,
told me it was once a marathon
contender in the 70’s,
sad peanut git,
since then it had changed,
gone soft some ten years later.

Its worried partner “Rolo”
sidestepped me,
to avoid eye contact,
it was the last one.

I ate it, sweetened my day
a bit.


One thought on “Old wrappers

  1. nectarfizz says:

    Still love the subtle sad humor of this one.

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