Some Wimbledon haiku

No more, “Rain stops play”
One roof to cover them all
Lords Of The Racquets

(about the new retractable roof over centre court)

This year a Brit wins?
Never hurry a Murray”
Indeed, mint prospect!

(“Murray Mints, Murray Mints too good to hurry mints”
– Old tv comercial jangle)

Acrobatics launch youth
Becker returns winning drop shot
“Cannot be serious!?!”

(Ah, those were the days…)

Kaftan fashion sneeze
or is it Sgt Pepper?
Federer, let it be

(Wimbledon haiku on Federer’s new outfit)

Wimbledom freezes
play stopped because of bad net
baseline is now offline

Courts begin lush green
until the day completes play
chalk dust vs grass

Serve up green and fresh
salad days of Wimbledon
grown from finest seeds

When shadows play long
only fault is the light
not brilliance of players


2 thoughts on “Some Wimbledon haiku

  1. always like to read sport poems and your are great. find it hard to write it myself.
    do you know maybe a good book of sport poetry, something which is really good?


  2. Matt says:

    To be honest, I don’t really know any books on sport poetry, but you should try your hand at some haikus. They are pretty easy to do once you have a theme. I don’t know whether I do them strictly correctly, but I tend to think of them as ideas with a punchline or summation on the final line, the lead up can be a twist if the last line pulls it all together. Give a go, I’m sure you’d be good at it.

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