RG’s mission

Today, a friend died.

I’m still a bit in shock
every time I observe
the countdown ticking
of the human clock,
and think on life’s mortality,
its multi-colored hues,
of creative lines he signed,
a lot of them still on my mind.

How “At times
my rhymes are crimes!”,
he admitted to that,
oh, many many times,
and at others, they took the mick,
with self effacing humour;
a tongue in cheek,
muchly proclaimed poet-a-hol-ic.

Today, a friend died
and death became so final,
one moment he was here for all,
and then he wasn’t for sure,
but a word from his muse
so very uplifty, so exactle wise,
there are other forms of skies
in which to be alive.

I feel he’s not finally missing,
just on a new poetic mission;
gone not fishin’, no

but RG in’.


“After a long battle with several medical issues, RGarfield
left us on June 23, 2009. It is my hope he slipped away peacefully
and is finally “healed.” This poetry site was his passion. Thank you
for sharing in his vision and for not forgetting him.” – Bev (his wife)

RG was RGarfield, a friend and poet (real name, Sandy).
This poem contains some of the things that he used to say like
“exactle” and “uplifty”, and also his writing signatures that he once
used “At times, my rhymes are crimes!” and “poet-a-hol-ic”. I feel
he was very much a teacher at heart. A great, creative spirit and a
lovely man.

Goodbye, Sandy.


A short poem of his that I’ve always liked.

Meet me at the tree of life

“Meet me at the ‘Tree of life”
‘Twas all that note had said
No signature, no name

For me it was not puzzling
Because we had named it that
So many years ago

It stands central in the garden
And all paths lead to it
And all dreams




Within, we must have rough edges;
places where we can hang memory.

For memory gives hope to future,
and without future there is no joy.

Some memories help us emulate
those things we wish to copy.

Some memories help us regulate
those things we must control.

Some memories terrify us
but give opportunity for receiving.

Some memories bring happiness
out of retirement and back to life.

Some memories aren’t even our own.



Possessive Tense

Hey YOU!
You with your hand on that dictionary..
I don’t mean to be quite contrary..
those words are mine.
I have been working with them for years
and now, when they are just learning to behave,
you come along and think you can use them
without so much as a by-your-leave.
Well… I never saw so much gall
I just won’t have it, you hear,
I just won’t have it

Now you run along and go knit or paint or play tennis
or .. or. something!

The NERVE of some people!
Thinking they can steal MY words.



4 thoughts on “RG’s mission

  1. nectarfizz says:

    Matt, I know how much this man meant to you. This poem is a very loving tribute to him, you should be proud, it shows your heart exactle.

    Love you muchly,

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks Bekki, I tried and it wasn’t easy. It didn’t end up to be quite the tribute I intended, but poems often tend to lead a life, and directions of their own somehow. I’m not really a rhyming poet, but I chose rhyme for this as he was someone who’s ability to rhyme far surpassed me, it was his style.

  3. it is a beautiful messege to go with… a loving, tender, boat to flow on to new mission…

  4. Matt says:

    Yes, that’s very true, a new boat journey, on new waters you could say.

    Utopian, thanks very much for commenting, it’s appreciated.

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