Gone west

A saloon door flaps back and forth,
flap- backflap- flap- backflap- flap,
it’s a windy day, tooooo darn pickin’ windy.
Out flies a knife, wedges the wood good.

There’s only so much flap a flap can take
thinks Sabreshot Mat from behind the door,
and dang I throw knives pretty well
this close.

There’s ol’ RealityG across the table,
just don’t tell him his ryhmes can be crimes,
gets a little touchy on the subject,
he’s wanted for poetic license
in fifteen states and counting.

SurefireShir is on the loose I’ve heard,
and could well be near,
someones reciting Dr Zeus to her horse.
“This horse will stay tied up,
tied up this horse will stay, good boy!”
Yes sir, that’s her.

Rapidfire’s in the cellar still firing those pistols,
he can’t help it, it’s a nervous twitch,
breathes – shoots, breathes – shoots,
he killed three people getting off his horse,
it’s murder at the bar when he’s around,

Out pings the knife, in walks Surefire,
followed by Miss Ophelia, she corrects grammar
with a sixshooter, apostrophes this bar’s sign,
a silver flick of a trigger,
now, that’s a hole lot better.

Doc Willowdown enters also,
a man of not a few words, but many many.
So many we had to forcibly tie him down
and gag him for his own good,
he still writes passing well though.

We’re all here to meet, drink, chew the fat,
all aces at the table, and who knows later,
there may be a few more folks around like Sugar,
and old, sweet wild west jests to welcome.



Okay, a little background on this one which was written
off the cuff after reading this poem, and mentions
various poets I know in a wild west setting. and no doubt
needs some explaining! RealityG is RG aka
RGarfied, SabreShotMat is myself aka Sabresun, Rapidfire
is poet named Jim, Surefire is OhShir, Miss Ophelia is
Ophelia28, DocWillowdown is Willowdown, Sugar is Sharon
aka Sugamuser – all good poets! Please click on their links
to read something by them.


RGarfield’s writing signature was, “At times, my rhymes
are crimes!”, it seemed appropriate that he should be “wanted”.
Rapidfire has a signature pic that continually fires guns.
OhShir at the time did a poem in the style of Dr Zeus.
Willowdown just loves writing epic length poetry.
Ophelia28 is an English teacher, and very much a grammar

Just a bit of fun of which OhShir started it all
with All them clowns 🙂 Sometimes, it’s good to let your
creativity loose, and just see what happens.


2 thoughts on “Gone west

  1. Bekki says:

    Can I request an add-on (in comments)with what you would come up with for my poetry stylings? I want to see what you come up with.

  2. nectarfizz says:

    Hmmm…Sabresun walks softly and carried a big pen..it’s all in a pen, as you know, and how you use it, it is after all, Mightier than the sword. Sabresun, as usual, uses his well…maybe too well for mere mortals!

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