A little rye

Geologists reputably
discussed each genetic grain
to see the origins of evolution,
the traits of mankind.

How a speck spiralled
through their educated,
discerning hands,
and bonded like a helix
set in individual,
yet collective DNA planet glue.

(Fascinating magazine article)

Me, I examined the grains
in an old oat cracker, eager
for a similar discovery as I
buttered it up.

Then, briefly sidetracked,
unintentionally ate it,

Sometime later, I woke up
after a nap in crumbs of doubt,
from a whole packet series
of carefully timed, controlled,
Nobel award-winning experiments.

My scientific finding: crackers
only wheaten the mind.

Oh, the sacrifices I make.


10 thoughts on “A little rye

  1. Bekki says:

    Drifting off into cracker binge naps I see. (raises eyebrow)

  2. Bekki says:

    Ps. A little Rye (gigglefit) Love it.

  3. Matt says:

    I don’t think eating a packet of crackers will ever will the Nobel prize, sadly. This is an unjust world…

  4. Bekki says:

    I know..I say we pelt them with crackers…sadly, you ate them all. (lol)

  5. Vic says:

    Was this experiment induced by another experiment? Sounds like it. Fun poem, either way.

  6. nectarfizz says:

    Most likely, it was induced as he ingested a packet of crackers and slipped into cracker-feed hallucinations.If he warmed up with the instant coffee experiment I can totally see it. (Instant coffee with do that to one)

  7. Matt says:

    I’m saying nothing!

  8. Bekki says:

    Not saying something, sometimes says more. (Snicker)

  9. Matt says:

    Well, with the instant coffee experiment, I may have broken new ground. How instant is instant? Many a professor has shamelessly begged on his knees for me to divulge the answer to that one, jealous of my findings about cookie disintegration.

  10. nectarfizz says:

    I see, and what have you to say about the secret crisp experiments that everyone keeps swearing are not being conducted?

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