Plump out your community chest

I once found a $ billion bond
in a old shoebox,
admittedly the shoebox in question
was in a Monopoly bank vault.

By sheer ill fortune,
I’d rolled on Mayfair, didn’t
like the choice of hotel room,
complained to the concierge, and
quickly played my “Dicey Heist” card.

They’re now questioning
whether a $ billion
bond was ever made or if it
could fit in a shoebox,
who wears those shoes, and if that’s
in the rules. I assure them it is,
I do, and calculate the change
which I’ll take if I have to in properties.

Now they’re saying that card doesn’t
exist either and want to see the clause.

I play my “Swiss Bank Confidentiality” card.

The audacity of some players.


2 thoughts on “Plump out your community chest

  1. slpmartin says:

    Cute poem…made me smile at remembering playing that game with friends.

  2. nectarfizz says:

    We never did get to the cardboard level. This poem makes me smile, laugh and miss you all at the same time.

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