Exceedingly good

On The Sixth Day,
God created land creatures of every kind.
Man and woman were created last.

On The Seventh Day, he rested.

On The Eighth Day, he whipped up some
cakes which were good, but a little
sweet for such young palates.

Some considered the pastries overcooked
too, lacking that subtle, light touch he’d
leant so creatively to Day One.

On The Ninth Day, God created lightning,
thunder, lashing oily rain and the first
episode of Dr Who. The storyline of which
would only be viewed in a distant future.

There was much dissent.

Some openly voiced that he’d taken
the cake criticism far too much to heart.

On The Tenth Day, God with lips pursed
created Spam, tripe and powdered eggs.

We all decided they were indeed,
exceedingly good.


One thought on “Exceedingly good

  1. slpmartin says:

    Now…I had always heard that god on the 8th day created historians…just in case he had made a mistake…so good to know that was not true…enjoyed your post.

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