Sneezed away in time

If secrets die
when memory fades,
when minds do
eventually crumble,
then simple,
household dust
yet still may hold
all the enigmas
of this particle world.

So I urge you,
dust carefully
and acknowledge its value,
before you clean away
the snuff of the once held,
once breathed,
undisclosed dream.


One thought on “Sneezed away in time

  1. Uncle Tree says:

    Hey, Matt! You’re back at it!
    This piece shows your style. I mean…
    I could recognize it, if it were to show up
    somewheres else. And I mean that as a compliment. 🙂
    “…all the enigmas of this particle world.”
    Yes! Btw, how’s the children’s book goin’?

    I did this a ways back. So, what the heck.
    Good to see ya again! Cheers! Keith


    Body is tree of enlightenment, mind like a clear mirror stand;

    time & gain wipe it diligently, don’t let it gather dust! Shenxiu


    Enlightenment’s basically no tree, clear mirror no stand.

    Fundamentally there’s no single thing! Where can dust collect? Huineng


    Retort to Shenxiu and Huineng


    densely packed
    allows tree to stand upright

    Covered with mud
    in the depths of my soul
    remnants of the sun’s radiance

    Fundamentally, it is
    clear to the heavens


    Uncle Tree


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