A reason for holding on to where you are

There was once a reflection
that stole away with The Moon.

Storm clouds blackened the sea
to turmoil the night,
and in the confusion,
the blindness and illusion,
not knowing the up from the down
The Moon was only a half
of itself, and so
was cunningly captured.

The orb it struggled to be
up once again in the sky,
but it was tricked
from its familiar position,
and for a very uncertain night
it shimmered deep under the oceans;
visited only by operatic whales,
some it imagined as wide as stars
as they sang of where it lay.

Caged by a seaweed silhouette,
for many nights it slumped,
pouting for its once stellar orbit.
Wishing for the planets for company
(they may have been distant,
but they were never aloof)
it yearned for the Earth’s haze of blue,
and for the changeable chatter
of clouds to miss The Moon
and bring rain,
which they eventually did.

As such, from a single drop,
one fell between the rises of waves,
from which a perfect ripple
revealed a narrow well
through the entrapment.
Luckily, the moon was only a half
and with a determined squeeze
into a current one-size-too-tight,
holding in its stomach in crescent,
it escaped with shimmy wiggle.

Today, if you shine down a light
back into the those past waters
you may still yet reveal
a fragment or two left behind,
for the halves of The Moon
have never trusted since.

They leave behind reminders
in submerged, once beautiful civilizations,
in impressions of old craters
within bottomless lifeboats
of once fortuous ocean liners,
and in the glimmer of pearls
priced out of their element
inside pretentious shop windows.
But most of all,
they pull the tides
to perplex the envious reflections,
so it can never lose itself again
to such a misplaced lunar sea.


I suppose, it’s a rather longwinded way of saying that all that glitters is not gold, and there are far worse places to end up than being a little lonely from time to time. There’s nothing like the experiences of life to evaluate the holding on to where we are, and seeing its true value – things could be far worse.



One thought on “A reason for holding on to where you are

  1. Nectarfizz says:

    I have always felt deep love and affinity for the moon. Love the last 2 lines best.

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