Somewhere in between

Somewhere inbetween

On the rebound,
a shrill whistle
begins the impromptu game,
and who in this hemisphere
could not fail to hear it.

Shrieks, yelps combined
with the ongoing, the always,
“To me, to me, to me!“

A wayward lob.

Enough said, we’re dealing
with amateurs here.

Goals attempts are sorely

Sad to say,
footballs can misjudge too,
“Umm, sorry, Mate. Sharp!”

One brief, eye watering hush.

A magpie lands midfield,
doesn’t understand any of the rules,
takes his voice and swears.

Some things
just can’t be stretchered off,
they are somewhere in between.

It’s a little joke really. A game of soccer in the park and a stray ball hits ‘somewhere in between’. Quite painful. I was thinking of it as being a metaphor for those hidden injuries that you just have to put up with when they occur, and deal with in life.


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