Another flower offered

It’s difficult to re-enter
a time before that afternoon,
the first rain laden sortie
into the hush of here.

The storm, it flung pebbles
from off the kerb,
and us too,
unwitting chess pawns
pushed upstream
to land within this cathedral.

We were the first, as it were,
to cross into a newly secured space,
awaiting the next move
played by an unknown hand.

That only came in its own time,
as the weather
and our hearts lightened.

Tracing plainly adorned columns,
I felt sure a withered vine
climbed to the ceiling,
only to resurface near the vaults,
where unexpected, it lit up, bloomed

a stained-glass sunflower.


3 thoughts on “Another flower offered

  1. Uncle Tree says:

    Witty and true, Matt. Right thinking!

    Peace and luvz, Keith

  2. Nectarfizz says:

    As usual your use of imagery makes me weep with adoration for your skills. I particularly love the use of plants and light in this. Makes me want to take a long walk.

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