A songbird

It’s in the falling,
this expansion that I crave.
One to be in two,
for the reassurance is complete
in its lasting to be embraced.

Fully, I give in here
with arms that form circles
around your soft back.
This is the tenure of a songbird
becoming nearer
to the windowsill
by your bed linen.

Rest your eyes
in the peace that curls
as we lay beside in close,
the morning caught
in desires fulfilled leaving night.

Words could be spoken now,
but they don’t describe
all that is taught in the embrace
we share under music.

I could seek out a spiral
for the twist of hair locks
across your untroubled face.
Pleasure sung the lasting
flicker to a love
that knows nothing else,
but the taste
of a candle snuffed
in the dawn’s length.

So be ashen
as pale as the sunlight
cultured between your legs,
colours will display
your cheeks till the hour
is over.

Love, the lean against my side
I’ll respond in smiles
that capture the lamplight
now made beamed redundant.

Light a cigarette, and watch
the smoke coil ever upwards
around the ceiling that saw
all of our hopes yesterday.
Come songbird
and join the smoothness
that lays here,
you are the fracture
that is healed before the dawn.

All of our former selves
reside in this space,
it is foretold
under the roofs that left
dishevelled beds of creases.


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