She asked me who broke the pond

Oh, don’t ask me I wasn’t there,
but ’twas a cracking affair.

I’m reliably informed
from lots of swallows sat in trees,
a small vole and a -oh please
you don’t want me to name them all,
they were there – that is all.

I’m told some hefty ducks
skated freely over the ice,
more than once, maybe twice
until their upturned tums
met their feathery bums.

Then a burly swan
joined in the fun
(he didn’t know his size)
much to the other swans surprise,
skidded right to the middle,
which made the field mice giggle.

It then turned substantially worse,
there was a loud craaack, a curse,
and an old crow landed right upon his head,
– that’s what the ducks said.

That’s when the ice broke.

That’s when the ice broke!

So, who did the deed,
was it the crow or was it the swan?
I can’t be sure,
as I wasn’t actually there.

But did that swan give that crow
a slap and a very big swany stare
which caught it completely unaware,
and was the crow flattened below,
and did the mice continue to laugh,
yes, they did, Cath!


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